PRODUCTS -- Pressure Garment



Handing  juncture pressure  and time  by  pressure  garment treatment,  keys to success of pressure garment treatment is

early. After wound healing, should pressure as soon as possible.  pressure  garment must  be worn every day for 20~24 

hours, maintain  at  least 4~6 months,  even  for  two  years,   Children¨s  treatment time can  be shorter,   older patients

 should be to extend the  treatment time. Can  not  give  up halfway,  The standard of stop pressuring is skin has painless

 and itching, scars are all be soft、flatten、color is normal.



At the same time in using the pressure garment, the importance is doing the exercise to the joint of the parts of the burns

 to prevent  ankylosis  and dysfunction.  When you remove  the pressure garment  each day should do the skin cleaning.

Use the  clean towels scrub the pressurized  department  lightly  with warm water.  Pressure garment should keep clean

and dry, change and wash the pressure garment for one or two days, this is also good for recover the elasticity.